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Asheville Quilt Guild

Our mission is to preserve and advance the tradition and art of quilting


AQG Standing Committees and Volunteer Positions

Bookkeeper – Process and record the Guild’s financial transactions and support the Treasurer in all Guild financial duties
Community Quilts – Select and implement charitable projects to be undertaken by the Guild
Database Manager – Responsible for creating and maintaining the Guild member database and for reporting from the Guild member database
Equipment Manager – Responsible for the maintenance, storage and set-up of equipment as needed
Finance Committee – Oversee the financial workings of the Guild – committee includes the Treasurer (Chair), Bookkeeper and at least two additional members appointed by the President
Forms Manager – Create and update online and fillable forms for the AQG Website as needed for Guild activities
Guild Friends – For new Guild members, provide for orientation, social gathering, and/or introduction to Guild workings
Guild Projects – Responsible for coordinating activities, programs, and projects sponsored by the Guild
Hospitality – Responsible for arranging for food/refreshments when needed
Librarian/Historian – Oversee acquisition and maintenance of books, publications and audiovisual materials and maintain the written/pictorial history of the Guild
Member Bees – Maintain and report information on Bee activities, meeting times and locations
Membership – Enroll new members, collect dues, produce and maintain an accurate roster of members’ names and addresses
Newsletter – Produce the AQG Newsletter “disPatch”
Parliamentarian – Act as a resource to the President and Board in following Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised at Board and Guild meetings
Programs (Lectures & Workshops) – Responsible for planning the lectures and workshops for the monthly
Guild Meetings and occasional special events
Quilt Show – Responsible for all aspects of the annual Quilt Show
Social Media Coordinator – Administer the Guild’s presence on Social Media platforms
Volunteer Coordinator – Manage volunteer sign-ups for Guild and Quilt Show.
Ways and Means – Responsible for fundraising for the Guild
Webmaster – Maintain and keep up-to-date the AQG website in accordance with Guild Bylaws, policies, procedures, and guidelines
Workshop Coordinator – Responsible for publicity, registration, and coordination of workshops


Asheville Quilt Guild
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