Rami Kim


Rami Kim, California, is a DNA scientist-turned fabric artist/quilter/instructor known nationally and internationally. She is a 19-time Best of Show winner, distinguished for her innovative art-to-wear. Her passion is in contemporary art-to-wear, quilts, cloth dolls and bags with special interest in 3-dimensional textures and she is known for her own distinctive colors and techniques. Rami has authored four books: Folded Fabric Elegance, Quilted Elegance, Elegant Cotton, Wool, Silk Quilts, and Friendship Quilt and Dolls.

111. The Fifth Dimension – All Levels – 6 Hours
Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (2 hour lunch break)

Go beyond traditional 3-D. In this technique workshop, you will learn 5 of the exotic and unusual methods that are the trademark of Rami’s works including hexagon and square chopkey, mirror-imaged continuously folded prairie points, harlequin tucks, North American hand smocking and lined prairie points. This workshop could be the answer to those who wish to learn about adding 3-dimensional textures and unique touches to art-to-wear and quilts.

Supply List:

1/2 yd. Theme fabric, (color print)

3/4 yd. Background tone-on-tone fabric (pick 1 of the colors from your theme fabric).

1/2 yd. of 4 additional coordinating fabrics (2 tone-on-tone)

3/4 yd. Lining fabric

3/4 yd. Batting

3/4 yd. Muslin


General sewing supplies; marker (Clover chalk liner), pins, needles, scissors.

Sewing machine (bring 1/4” foot if you have one), extension cord and surge protector.

Decorative threads (rayon, metallic).

1/2” bias tape maker if you have one.

Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.

2” x 18” transparent ruler if you have one.

214. Folded and Padded Hexagons – All Levels – 6 Hours
Saturday: 2 to 5 p.m. + Sunday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Create “Hexie” bags or quilts using this revolutionary, innovative technique. Enjoy convenience and comfort. Every step is completed by your sewing machine, so no need for single ‘hand’ stitch or achy hands! Also, the “Quilt-As-You-Go” technique is used for whole quilts, thus no worries about bulky quilting stitches under your sewing machine. These ‘Hexie’ quilts make use of gorgeous batik circles. Because the circles include built-in backing for quilts, your quilts will already be backed and quilted once all of the ‘Hexies’ are pieced together. One by one, hexagons are folded, padded, quilted, and embellished with decorative threads.

Optional Kit Fee: $29 includes precut circles of Anthology Fabrics to make a bag ifyou wish to create the one pictured

Supply List:

7/8 yd. Black batik cotton

1/2 yd. Orange red batik cotton

1/2 yd. Yellow green batik cotton

Fusible batting (low loft). (I used Hobb’s Heirloom, lap size)

Sewing machine in good working order with 1/4” and walking foot, extension cord and surge protector

Invisible thread and matching color cotton threads for fabric selected.

General sewing supplies, pins, scissors, markers, pins, etc.

Iron-on crystals for embellishment.

Leather handles for bag. (Some leather handles will be available for purchase during class.)

B3.1-HourLecture: Folded Fabric Elegance,Saturday: 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.

This lecture focuses on Rami’s exotic fabric folding journey which covers the use of various 3-dimensional textures. Rami brings most of the samples in her four books and shares stories behind the creating process and publishing. You can see the real things to examine the quintessence of quilts, wearables, bags and home-decor items as pillows & table runners.

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