Maggie Ball

Maggie enjoys creating innovative designs from elements of traditional patterns. She relishes the challenge of inventing new techniques to make complex looking quilts easy to piece and interesting for quilters of all skill levels. Teaching quilting is a natural extension of her passion and she is the author of four books and nine patterns. She has traveled to Mongolia four times as a volunteer to teach quilting to low income and unemployed women and headed a fundraising campaign to purchase a permanent facility for the Mongolian Quilting Center.
Maggie lives in the state of Washington.

101. Gateway to Mongolia – All Levels – 6 hours
Friday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (2 hour lunch break)

The Ölzii, or never-ending knot, is a traditional Mongolian motif symbolizing the dynamic expanse of the universe and the endless cycles of life and death. It brings long life and prosperity, and drives away wild beasts and evil spirits. This symbol is used widely in Mongolia as decorative art and the pattern for the quilt, including the border, was taken from the door of a Mongolian ger (yurt). You may use either a dark or light background with contrasting Ölzii and border. Shading with similar values in the Ölzii adds to the subtle woven effect.

Pattern fee of $5 per student payable at the time of the workshop.

Supply List:

Sewing machine in good working order
Extension cord and surge protector
Basic sewing supplies (including thread, pins, scissors and seam ripper)
Rotary cutter, mat, and ruler (6” x 24” Omnigrid recommended)
Batting on which to lay out block components (30” x 30” is large enough)
Small sticky labels
Notebook and pencil
Fabric, excluding backing:

• 2¼ yards background fabric (dark or light) (includes enough for binding)
• 1 yard contrasting fabric for border pattern and block
• Variety of ¼ yard pieces of fabrics, from which 3 or 4 will be selected in smooth gradation of values that go with the 1 yard piece. If in doubt, bring extra fabrics and assistance in selecting the most appropriate will be provided in class.

201. Op-Art Kaleidoscope Quilts (Template-free Technique) – All Levels – 6 hours
Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (2 hour lunch break)

Introducing the new Op-Art Kaleidoscope 14” block without triangular rulers. Make a minimum four large template-free Kaleidoscope blocks using only two fabrics of contrasting colors. These are cut-up into sections, rearranged, and reassembled to create four 14” Op-art Kaleidoscope blocks. Add more fabrics and make nine blocks.
Pattern fee of $5 per student payable at the workshop.

Supply List:

Sewing machine in good working order, extension cord and surge protector
Basic sewing supplies (including thread, pins, scissors and seam ripper)
Cutting mat – large enough to cut 17” squares, and rotary cutter
Rulers – 6” x 24” and 15” square
Painters tape and Sharpie pen
Minimum of ½ yard each of two contrasting fabrics (a light and a dark) – enough to cut four 17” squares, (2 of each), Batik or hand-dyed fabrics work well
• ½ yard yields two 17” squares, one yard yields four 17” squares, and a fat quarter yields one 17” square. Bring additional fabric if you would like to make more blocks – see suggestions on website in supplies list for 2-5 day class
• Additional fabric required for sashing (if any) and borders.
Cutting the 17” squares before class is recommended.

301. Pattern Drafting 101 – All Levels – 3 Hours
Sunday: 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Learn the basics of successfully drafting patterns for any sized block. Simple exercises on graph paper walk you through a methodical approach, ensuring accurate measurements for the cutting sizes of block components. Receive guidance about planning your quilts to use efficient piecing techniques, and to calculate the fabric requirements for each component.

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