AQG Library

Welcome to your Guild Library page. Here you will be able to see what books are available, what are the new arrivals, and hopefully in a near future, see book reviews and authors’ profiles.

The actual library is located on the second floor of the Folk Arts Center in Asheville. It is open for AGQ members only during the hours that the Center is open. Checkout procedures are available at the library, and also HERE. This is a self-serve library and it works on the Honor System; in other words, we trust that you will abide by these very simple rules, checking out, and returning books on time, so that everyone can benefit from this great service.

You can access the collection and do searches by title, author or subject HERE

We welcome suggestions for any desired titles that you would like added to the collection. Also, if you see a book that you would like reserved for you, please send an email to the Librarian HERE with your request.

Please take advantage of this great free service!